Women and Politics: Part 2- Equal Rights Amendment, A Conversation with Woman Matter #ERA

Eileen Davis, Katie Hornung, and Candy Graham from Women Matter join us to talk about the push in the Virginia General Assembly to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment this year. They have been pushing for it since 1972 and the U.S. needs only two more states to ratify it for the amendment to be federal law.



Chelsea Higgs Wise

#TheBlackPolitica Chelsea Higgs Wise is a clinical social worker and intercultural communicator who specializes in connecting under-served and misrepresented communities to policymakers to advocate against racism and misogyny. Over the last ten years, she has provided direct clinical assessments, clinical supervision, mental health training, and program direction to support Richmond citizens that are Medicaid recipients. While sharpening her skills in content design for operational management on a micro level, Chelsea also observed gaps in service in terms of access and messaging from policy-makers to constituents at a macro approach. As an activist who helps evolve narratives and policies, Chelsea has been an instrumental voice in numerous campaigns and was recently highlighted on the PBS News Hour as a community change-agent. Chelsea was recently recognized in RVA Magazine for her Op-Ed article, Things All White People Need to Hear, that was one of the Top pieces for Politics and Commentary in 2017 for the publication. Chelsea values genuine connection, authentic relationships, and meaningful impact. She has been honored to work with some of the coolest people in Richmond on feminine hygiene drives, diversity education summits and leadership initiatives for young adults. Chelsea is excited to expand her voice and cohert by joining the WRIR 97.3 LPFM team as a co-host for Women and Politics.

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