Abigail Spanberger joins a community panel to talk about Women and Politics.

This week, Chelsea and Carol return with Abigail Spanberger, Yewande Austin, Jewel Jordan, and Melissa Vaughn to talk about trusting women in politics and to weigh in on the gun issue.

We will be back in June.. next week tune in to Common Thread on Thursday at noon.

If you want to follow us and our guests on social media:


Yewande Austin: Fb: Yewande Austin IG/Twitter: @officialyewande

Jewel Jordan: FB: jewel Jordan IG/Twitter: the_bkc

Melissa Vaughn: Fb: Melissa Vaughn IG/Twitter: @busybeerva

Abigail Spanberger: Facebook: @SpanbegerforCongress Twitter: @SpanbergerVA07  Instagram @AbigailSpanberger



Chelsea Higgs Wise: FB/ IG: @chelseahiggswise ,  twitter: @chelseawiseRVA

Carol Olson: Facebook: carol Olson IG: @carolaolson Twitter: @carololson

Show: Fb: women-politics-Virginia, Twitter: @womenandpoliticsva, IG: please #womenandpoliticsva


WRIR LP 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio, Twitter: @wrir   IG @wrir973

WRWK-LP 93.9 The Work , FB TheWorkFM


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