Women & Politics – Double Feature

Today Women & Politics is hosting a double feature! The top of the hour brings us two of our Democratic candidates for Governor: Jennifer McClellan and Jennifer Carroll Foy. We split the time asking some final quick questions for voters to consider. 

We ask them a fun question too .. we want to know what you think is important on the issues and the fun question…

We took over the second half of the hour to bring you a candidate for a local office in Richmond: yes the Sheriff’s office is up for grabs.. so stay tuned for another half hour..

You can find more information on their campaigns at: 

Jennifer McClellan 

Jennifer Carroll Foy 


Our guest for the second half of Women & Politics is Fanita Sawyer representing for William Burnett and his campaign to become Richmond’s next Sheriff. 

She is a retired Human Resources professional with over 25 year in the industry. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources and since retirement volunteers in various community activities and organizations. 

You can follow the Burnet Campaign here: 


Follow our host and producer at @sherishannon27 and @carololson

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