Women & Politics: Sharing our Platform for Racial Equity: Ep 5: Affordable Housing and Equity

For the next 6 weeks, Women & Politics is on a break and sharing our platform with Ebony Guy and her Racial Essays podcasts and interview series. You can find them at: https://richmondracialequityessays.com/podcast

In this podcast, urban planner and diversity, equity and inclusion consultant Ebony Walden talks with 15 Richmonders from all walks of life and sectors to explore their visions for an equitable Richmond, especially as it relates to racial equity, and the strategies that will help us get there. We hope this can be a model for discussion in other U.S. cities.

Today we listen to Episode 5: From the impacts of redlining to combatting the eviction crisis, affordable housing advocates Stephen Wade of Partnership for Smarter Growth and Virginia Poverty Law Center’s Laura Wright make their case for policy changes and greater resource allocation to move towards housing equity.

See the affordable housing platform for the region they worked on with other community leaders.

Ebony Walden is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Ebony Walden Consulting (EWC), an urban strategy firm based in Richmond, Virginia. At EWC, she works with a wide range of organizations to design and facilitate meetings, training, strategic plans and community engagement processes that explore race, equity and the creation of more just and inclusive communities. Before founding EWC, Ebony worked in local government and for non-profit organizations dedicated to citywide and neighborhood level revitalization. Currently, Ebony is an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University where she teaches Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the City. Ebony’s work has been featured in  The HillRichmond Times-Dispatchand The Nature of Cities. She holds a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia and a Bachelors in Business Administration from Georgetown University. Inspired by The Just City Essays, Ebony Walden conceived the idea of an essay collection focused on Richmond (The Richmond Racial Equity Essays) in hopes of bringing together thought leadership and practice to advance racial equity in the region.

The Second half of the show Activist and urban farmer Duron Chavis chats with Mayor Levar Stoney and Councilwoman Ellen Robertson about what led them to their public service, the future of equity in Richmond, and how to deal with challenges to racial inequity in Richmond today.


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