Women & Politics: Virginia Politics, Bills and Mental Health

Welcome to Women and Politics. Today we are talking about the General Assembly session, some bills coming through and the state of our mental health. Joining us for the first half of the show is Senator Jennifer McClellan and Delegate Marcia Price. We return at 12:30 with a local leader in mental health and art therapy talking about supporting our youth and ourselves through the pandemic.

Senator Jennifer McClellan

Senator McClellan serves as the Virginia State Senator from the 9th district since 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, her district is located in the Greater Richmond Region. McClellan was previously elected to the Virginia House of Delegates from 2006 to 2017, representing the 71st district. She is also a former president of the Virginia Young Democrats, vice-chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia and a current member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)

Delegate Marcia Price

Delegate Price, affectionately known as “Cia”, was born and raised on the Peninsula.  She graduated from Warwick High School in the Peninsula’s first graduating class of the International Baccalaureate Program, receiving the full IB Diploma and Advanced Studies Diploma (1998). Del. Price attended Spelman College and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, with intensive study in Biology (2002). She also received her Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Howard University (2005).  After having completed some coursework toward her Master of Divinity Degree at Howard University (2011-2013), she is now working to finish her MDiv the School of Theology at Virginia Union University. With each program, she focuses on learning as much as she can in order to make a positive difference.

In September 2016, as a project of New Virginia Majority, she worked to start the Virginia Black Leadership Organizing Collaborative (VA BLOC), a non-profit focused on “building empowered communities” through integrated voter engagement, civic involvement, and leadership development, where she serves as Director.

Leila Saadeh

Leila is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia and is a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist. She has worked with all ages, ranging from adults and geriatrics with mood disorders, trauma, psychosis, and dementia to children with severe trauma and attachment disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Leila has five years of inpatient psychiatric experience with both children and adults, and has been able to use her knowledge to reach a variety of needs. Her previous work experiences, training, and skills allow her to see people as unique individuals and to meet them wherever they are in the moment to best serve her clients.

Leila utilizes her art therapy skills to assess, diagnose, and treat, while highlighting strengths and resiliency. Art therapy can be an alternate and beneficial approach, especially with those who may have trouble verbally expressing their internal world. The art can become a way to externalize, providing a safe and cathartic modality to express oneself, regardless of any artistic talent. Leila’s therapeutic approach is eclectic and may range from mindfulness techniques to cognitive-behavioral therapy based on client needs. Leila is able to provide art therapy services to clients of all ages. Her specialty is serving children with ASD, specifically early intervention, through an integration of ABA and art therapy, as well as children exposed to trauma through her unique trauma-informed approach to art therapy.

Leila is the President of the Virginia Art Therapy Association and has spent the past six years being a strong advocate and representative of art therapy throughout Richmond. She was recently (September 2020) appointed by the Virginia Governor to be on the first-ever Advisory Board of Art Therapy for the State of Virginia. Her bright personality allows her to connect with people with ease and she has been awarded for her service as a mental health professional and art therapist.


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