Women & Politics: Community Activism and Care Work

Hạ Trần – Collective Member of #SoftWebbies

(pronouns: my name + they/them + chanh) Based in Tsenacommacah, Powhatan + Monacan + Manahoac lands

Hạ Trần dreams, lives and works as a GRITS + GLITS (Gay* Raised/Living in the South) with hopes for a future where all families are safe, supported, and valued. Hạ is grounded in creative movements for Reproductive Justice and survivor-led healing for/by TLGBQ+ communities. They’re a collective member of SOFT WEB Studio Collective, and comes from years of abortion funding at the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project and directly supporting TLGBQ+ survivors of interpersonal, sexual, and state-sanctioned violence. Hạ cultivates joy and pleasure through textile arts, zine-making, porch sitting, D.I.Y. music, and with all bodies of water. Southern‐born by way of the Việt Nam diaspora, Hạ is a tuff puff looking forward heart first!

Amy Black – Amy Black Tattoos

photo credit; Kim Frost

 Amy Black owns and operates her own private by appointment tattoo studio in Richmond, Virginia. Opened in 2000, it caters to a custom art clientele. In 2010 Amy started doing Mastectomy Tattooing for Breast Cancer clients and is honored to partner with Breast Cancer groups and medical teams around the nation including many plastic surgeons and oncologists. She also   offers mastectomy tattooing for top surgery reconstruction. In 2010 Amy founded what is now the 501(c)3 charity Pink Ink Fund (www.pinkinkfund.org) to aid with the financial hurdles connected with mastectomy tattoos. WWW.AMYBLACKTATTOOS.COM Find us on Facebook and Twitter


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